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The Hallmark of a Mike Fisher Dream home is WOOD

I am ahead of the curve, or quite likley I stick around so long I become on-trend again! What am I referring to, Wood.

A review of Mike Fisher Custom Homes certainly solidifies my preference for natural, high quality, and sophisticated materials. Over decades I have shared ideas and purchased materials from Issaquah Cedar and Lumber. Hands down, the knowledge, service, expertise, and product are second to none; why would I go anywhere else?

  • When standard cuts won’t do, Issaquah’s milling expertise has got you covered. Find everything you need for those uniquely designed projects.
  • We are able to match numerous custom tongue & groove siding patterns
  • Clear material or tight knot; smooth or resawn face
  • Flush-fit or with a v-groove
  • We have a custom log cabin pattern we mill as ordered
  • We can produce a custom scratch face bevel that gives a similar appearance to a traditional hand-split siding.
  • We produce a variety of custom handrails which we have knives for, and we can also make knives to match your custom pattern

I thought it would be fun to explore the kitchen space moving into 2022 and beyond. I curated an excellent selection of kitchen images to share as inspiration for your next kitchen build or remodel. Each, I believe, demonstrates the versatility, warmth, and sophistication of integrating Wood into any esthetic, modern to rustic; you cannot go wrong with high-quality Wood.

Looking to build or reinvent your living spaces? Let’s chat about your goals.

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