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I am ahead of the curve, or quite likley I stick around so long I become on-trend again! What am I referring to, Wood.

A review of Mike Fisher Custom Homes certainly solidifies my preference for natural, high quality, and sophisticated materials. Over decades I have shared ideas and purchased materials from Issaquah Cedar and Lumber. Hands down, the knowledge, service, expertise, and product are second to none; why would I go anywhere else?

  • When standard cuts won’t do, Issaquah’s milling expertise has got you covered. Find everything you need for those uniquely designed projects.
  • We are able to match numerous custom tongue & groove siding patterns
  • Clear material or tight knot; smooth or resawn face
  • Flush-fit or with a v-groove
  • We have a custom log cabin pattern we mill as ordered
  • We can produce a custom scratch face bevel that gives a similar appearance to a traditional hand-split siding.
  • We produce a variety of custom handrails which we have knives for, and we can also make knives to match your custom pattern

I thought it would be fun to explore the kitchen space moving into 2022 and beyond. I curated an excellent selection of kitchen images to share as inspiration for your next kitchen build or remodel. Each, I believe, demonstrates the versatility, warmth, and sophistication of integrating Wood into any esthetic, modern to rustic; you cannot go wrong with high-quality Wood.

Looking to build or reinvent your living spaces? Let’s chat about your goals.

Mike Fisher, Dream Home Builder

General Contractor
Bainbridge Island Washington

Between the years 2011 and 2019, Bainbridge Island added 1786 new islanders to the community.  I love welcoming new neighbors to the island and supporting their dreams of homeownership in a small and engaged community.

Many travelers visit us via the Washington State Ferry system. Here is a small Mike FIsher Construction video recently crafted for viewing on the ferry. Let me know what you think!


Mike Fisher
General Contractor Bainbridge Island Washington
Custom Home Builder
Dream Home Builder


A note from the Custom Home Builders Day,

For many, the most expensive item we will order handmade is a home. Notice I said handmade. That’s right; homes are still made by hand, one at a time. Tools are involved, but hand-to-tool is the mode, Which brings the conversation up around vendors. General Contractor Mike Fisher has carved a name in custom home building circles by working with the best vendors.

When building your dream home in the Pacific Northwest, one would imagine the influence of nature will eventually lead you to design with beautiful rocks and stone. Let me introduce you to Marenakos Rock Center. My go-to vendor for all things stone. For those of you who enjoy the visual stimulation, only raw stone can provide a simple way through the location will offer ample items to view, touch, and admire. Marenakos Rock Center has been a fixture in the Northwest Landscape Community for over 50 years. Marenakos Inc. is a third-generation family-owned business located just east of Issaquah, Washington.

Here is a sampling of the product they list on their website.

However, I encourage you to go in person, get to know the crew and the products. Learn about their fabrication services.

Bring any questions such as this:

General Contracting work dovetails with design when I am helping build the client’s dream home. Vendors I can count on to stay top of their

game, versed in the supply market, and upon the use of th product allows me to keep my eye on the big picture and know the product will be above the standard any unique to the dream home builder every time.

Heck, they even offer events to share their love of the industry and the product with all of us.

Here is their website:
Tell them Mike Fisher sent you!

Adequate roof overhangs help shade windows in hot weather and reduce the amount of rain that hits your siding, windows, and doors.

General Contractor Mike FIsher

Often designers pay too little attention to roof overhangs.
Roof overhangs have several important functions: they can protect exterior doors, windows, and siding from rain; they can shade windows when solar heat gain is undesirable, and they can help keep basements and crawl spaces dry. A house with improper overhangs can overheat in the summer, suffer from water entry problems at windows and doors, and have premature siding rot.

A typical gable roof has two kinds of roof overhangs: eave overhangs and rake overhangs.

Because it’s easier to frame a wide eave overhang than a wide rake overhang, problems from stingy overhangs are more common at rakes than eaves.

While it’s impossible to stop all wind-driven rain from reaching your walls, wide roof overhangs make a big difference — especially if there is just one story under the overhang. As an experience Pacific Northwest Designer, General Contractor, and custom home builder, I have a wide variety of project examples that show the elegant integration of protecting the envelope while delighting the eye.