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Bathrooms are in the spotlight! Gone are the days of being strictly utilitarian, the future sees this space leaving its humble origins in the dust. These interiors offer so much more than appeasing basic necessities, quickly becoming at-home retreats resembling personal spas.I found this fantastic article I thought I would share. 16 fantastic visual representations of what a modern-day bathroom could be.I can honestly say you will never regret including the bathroom of your dreams in a home renovation or build. What’s on your list of must have’s when it comes to a bathroom?Mike Fisher, Dream Home BuilderImages shared from original:https://www.decorilla.com/online…/bathroom-trends-2022/

Portrait Magazine is a quarterly home, garden, and luxury lifestyle magazine that showcases Northwest residential architecture, design, furniture trends.I found these fantastic “Color Crush” Layouts in the most recent publication I thought I would share.The final image is my full page reveal—my page in their most recent publication _ a photo worth sharing again.Taking steps to refresh or renovate your home to be your forever home is not only sustainable but a great idea. You fell in love with your home once you can fall in love again, and you retain all the cherished memories you have acquired with years of living in the home.

Happy New Year!~Mike Fisher Construction
Mike Fisher Construction shares Portrait Magazine design@ Portrait Magazine
Mike Fisher Construction shares Portrait Magazine design@ Portrait Magazine
Mike Fisher Construction shares Portrait Magazine design@ Portrait Magazine
Mike Fisher Construction shares Portrait Magazine design@ Portrait Magazine

I am ahead of the curve, or quite likley I stick around so long I become on-trend again! What am I referring to, Wood.

A review of Mike Fisher Custom Homes certainly solidifies my preference for natural, high quality, and sophisticated materials. Over decades I have shared ideas and purchased materials from Issaquah Cedar and Lumber. Hands down, the knowledge, service, expertise, and product are second to none; why would I go anywhere else?

  • When standard cuts won’t do, Issaquah’s milling expertise has got you covered. Find everything you need for those uniquely designed projects.
  • We are able to match numerous custom tongue & groove siding patterns
  • Clear material or tight knot; smooth or resawn face
  • Flush-fit or with a v-groove
  • We have a custom log cabin pattern we mill as ordered
  • We can produce a custom scratch face bevel that gives a similar appearance to a traditional hand-split siding.
  • We produce a variety of custom handrails which we have knives for, and we can also make knives to match your custom pattern

I thought it would be fun to explore the kitchen space moving into 2022 and beyond. I curated an excellent selection of kitchen images to share as inspiration for your next kitchen build or remodel. Each, I believe, demonstrates the versatility, warmth, and sophistication of integrating Wood into any esthetic, modern to rustic; you cannot go wrong with high-quality Wood.

Looking to build or reinvent your living spaces? Let’s chat about your goals.

Mike Fisher, Dream Home Builder

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Bainbridge Island Washington

Between the years 2011 and 2019, Bainbridge Island added 1786 new islanders to the community.  I love welcoming new neighbors to the island and supporting their dreams of homeownership in a small and engaged community.

Many travelers visit us via the Washington State Ferry system. Here is a small Mike FIsher Construction video recently crafted for viewing on the ferry. Let me know what you think!


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