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Custom Homes are created in the details. The journey best taken with Mike Fisher Construction at your side.

A note from the Custom Home Builders Day,

For many, the most expensive item we will order handmade is a home. Notice I said handmade. That’s right; homes are still made by hand, one at a time. Tools are involved, but hand-to-tool is the mode, Which brings the conversation up around vendors. General Contractor Mike Fisher has carved a name in custom home building circles by working with the best vendors.

When building your dream home in the Pacific Northwest, one would imagine the influence of nature will eventually lead you to design with beautiful rocks and stone. Let me introduce you to Marenakos Rock Center. My go-to vendor for all things stone. For those of you who enjoy the visual stimulation, only raw stone can provide a simple way through the location will offer ample items to view, touch, and admire. Marenakos Rock Center has been a fixture in the Northwest Landscape Community for over 50 years. Marenakos Inc. is a third-generation family-owned business located just east of Issaquah, Washington.

Here is a sampling of the product they list on their website.

However, I encourage you to go in person, get to know the crew and the products. Learn about their fabrication services.

Bring any questions such as this:

General Contracting work dovetails with design when I am helping build the client’s dream home. Vendors I can count on to stay top of their

game, versed in the supply market, and upon the use of th product allows me to keep my eye on the big picture and know the product will be above the standard any unique to the dream home builder every time.

Heck, they even offer events to share their love of the industry and the product with all of us.

Here is their website:
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